I spend the day trying to get some of Hungry Critic’s reviews into Google Base. It wasn’t the most fun. I would consider this more of an alpha than a beta quality product. Some strange things – instead of limited documentation, there is too much inconsistent documentation. The help section has a ton of examples [...]

With the increase in VoIP usage (Skype, Google Talk, etc.), more and more people need a headset for their computer. I didn’t want to buy a dedicated headset for my computer since I have a ton of cell phone headsets lying around. I searched all over to buy an adapter but couldn’t find one. As [...]

I finally made the switch back to a BlackBerry (7290). It was a tough decision to buy now, as the 8700 is coming out pretty soon and looks really nice. However, the price was right – free. Overall I’m pretty happy with the customer service I’ve received from T-Mobile although I’ve only spoken with them [...]

As my good friend Ben recently experienced, service at computer/electronic stores gets worse and worse. In most urban markets, when looking at other industries, there exists a range of quality and price. In regard to clothes for example, one can shop at the Giorgio Armani boutique (high end), Macy’s (mid-end), or TJ Max (low-end). All [...]

Mario Batali’s Babbo received just one star in Michelin’s recently released guide for New York. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of dining at any of his restaurants but this rating seems really harsh. Even if you are really knowledgeable about food, you can’t help but be amazed at Batali’s knowledge about Italian cuisine. After [...]

Having lived in the Bay Area for over five years, I can’t believe I never got around to going here until now. We had a 5PM reservation on Saturday. The server was really helpful and spent a significant time going over the entire menu with us. We started with a pumpkin soup with shrimp cake. [...]

Some good friends invited me to join them to the “Taste of Lexus” event held this past weekend in Alameda. I didn’t know quite what to expect but the event was really well organized and enjoyable. Lexus didn’t over pitch their product but rather allowed you to see their new technology and test their cars. [...]

Lately I’ve been getting a barrage of spam from various political groups trying to get a proposition passed/rejected for California’s November special election. I’ve even gotten those damn recorded voice messages on my cellphone! Now I understand the point but quite honestly this is the type of behavior that alienates voters. Many of the emails [...]

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