With all the news about The FCC encouraging a la carte TV pricing, I’m wishing for IP TV again. As usual, the polarized opinions about this issue have one side saying this will save us money and the other saying it will cost us much more. Either way, this method of content delivery is completely [...]

I’ve placed 5 orders at Amazon.com in the past week and noticed some strange things. The “Next” or “Submit Order” buttons on some of the screens during the order process are missing. At first I thought it was a browser thing, but after placing orders on two different computers (at different locations) with both IE [...]

On my trip to NY, I tried some Coluccio olive oil. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. It has a wonderful bright, green flavor and a spicy, peppery finish which adds a great additional layer of flavor to your cooking. Hopefully I can locate it in the Bay Area or else [...]

I finally got around to trying raw milk! I purchased a quart of Claravle Farm raw milk (Watsonville, CA) from Whole Foods for $3.49 plus a $1.25 bottle deposit – definitely a splurge for a quart of milk but well worth it. The taste is incredible with much more depth and intensity of flavors. It [...]

I flew from SFO to JFK on Song – Delta’s answer to JetBlue. Overall the planes are pretty good. They seem better than AA and Delta’s normal economy seating. Each seat is equipped with a 16:9 ratio touch screen which is quite nice. The monitor gives you options to watch 24 channels of Dish Network [...]

Having used Google Desktop and Konfabulator for some time, it occurred to me that Outlook is missing some key features. First, Outlook should allow you to pin the calendar to your view. If I want to check the calendar, I need to click “Calendar”, and then click back to “Inbox”, my default view. It would [...]

Two of us dined here for a birthday celebration. Although I’ve know of this restaurant and passed by this location probably a thousand times I’ve never noticed it. The façade of the building is pretty ugly and seriously need a redesign in my opinion. Upon entering, the interior is nice if you like the whimsical [...]

I generally use GAIM so I don’t have to deal with advertising on my IM client. However, when I logged into AIM last night, the system installed Moviefone and ShoppingBuddy to my friends list. I wouldn’t mind so much if these “assistants” actually made things better/faster, but they don’t. They simply present you with menus [...]

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