I’ve often said that if I could do my life over, I’d be an architect. There was also a time I thought of becoming a chef. However, I decided that I’d be a terrible chef. I would never have tolerated a person sending back a perfectly cooked protein because they prefer a charcoal briquette, or [...]

After years of business and personal travel, I’ve gone through my fair share of luggage. I’ve coveted the expensive designer luggage from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. I’ve purchased cheap stuff from no name brands. I’ve owned lightweight “hiking-like” pieces. And, I’ve built a collection of high quality luggage from Briggs & Riley (which is [...]

We spent July 4th weekend mostly resting and suffering from allergies. We did however get a chance to check out Point Reyes and the view of the Pacific Ocean was spectacular. Here are a few shots: