As my good friend Ben recently experienced, service at computer/electronic stores gets worse and worse. In most urban markets, when looking at other industries, there exists a range of quality and price. In regard to clothes for example, one can shop at the Giorgio Armani boutique (high end), Macy’s (mid-end), or TJ Max (low-end). All [...]

I signed up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited for $59.88 per year. I figured I waste that much money on bad CD’s every year so at the very least, the service will allow me to fully listen to albums before I buy them. After a few months using it, here are my thoughts: Sounds quality – [...]

I love Outlook because it’s the center of my day. My appointments, contacts, notes, and email are all in one place. However, for a product that has been around for this long, it shouldn’t have so many “quirks.” Outlook works great with Exchange and POP3 accounts. I’ve recently moved to an IMAP account and find [...]

I’ve been using a Treo 650 for a few months and really liked the device at first. As my dependency on real time email has increased, my happiness with the device has decreased. The device does everything OK, but does nothing great. So I’m thinking of returning to a Blackberry (my last one was years [...]

I finally decided to aggregate the various places I post into my official blog. I decided on WordPress since I know PHP (this way I can modify/change stuff if it doesn’t work well for me). So far things look good – quite easy to setup.

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