Random Musings

I recently purchased the Aquasana Shower Filter (costs around $60) and wanted to plug the product. A couple of months ago, our water was off due to some building maintenance and I had to resort to washing my face and hair with purified water. I was amazed at how great my skin and hair felt [...]

I flew from SFO to JFK on Song – Delta’s answer to JetBlue. Overall the planes are pretty good. They seem better than AA and Delta’s normal economy seating. Each seat is equipped with a 16:9 ratio touch screen which is quite nice. The monitor gives you options to watch 24 channels of Dish Network [...]

Having used Google Desktop and Konfabulator for some time, it occurred to me that Outlook is missing some key features. First, Outlook should allow you to pin the calendar to your view. If I want to check the calendar, I need to click “Calendar”, and then click back to “Inbox”, my default view. It would [...]

As my good friend Ben recently experienced, service at computer/electronic stores gets worse and worse. In most urban markets, when looking at other industries, there exists a range of quality and price. In regard to clothes for example, one can shop at the Giorgio Armani boutique (high end), Macy’s (mid-end), or TJ Max (low-end). All [...]

Some good friends invited me to join them to the “Taste of Lexus” event held this past weekend in Alameda. I didn’t know quite what to expect but the event was really well organized and enjoyable. Lexus didn’t over pitch their product but rather allowed you to see their new technology and test their cars. [...]

Sadly, Comcast cable keeps messing with my channel lineup. As a result, I no longer receive one of my favorite programs, Journal de France (the news in French). It’s really great to get different perspectives on the news from around the world. It’s also a great way for me to keep up with my French. [...]

I finally decided to aggregate the various places I post into my official blog. I decided on WordPress since I know PHP (this way I can modify/change stuff if it doesn’t work well for me). So far things look good – quite easy to setup.

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