Random Musings

The thyme and chives are looking great. I’m quite sure they will yield a nice supply of my two favorite herbs. Unfortunately the cold weather has taken its toll on the mini-basil. It’s still hanging in there, but I probably lost 75% of it since I planted it. No sign of life from the alpine [...]

While I can’t take credit for growing these beautiful flowers, I do get to benefit from their presence brightening my home. Here are some of the results of Jenn’s hard work:

I finally got around to setting up some window box planters on our porch. The two 24″ boxes are each divided in half for the following herbs: French thyme, chives, dwarf basil, and one reserved section. In terms of use, I think flat leaf parsley makes the most sense for the reserved section. However, it [...]

Since I recently moved, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the friendly nature of all the small shop owners around my new place. One in particular is a really nice Vietnamese gentleman who owns a small convenience/liquor store right nearby. He always strikes up a conversation to see how you are, ask where you’ve been, etc. [...]

While dining at Manresa last night, I started wondering why the fish formerly called St. Pierre is now being called John Dory. If I recall, back in the 90’s, it was almost exclusively called St. Pierre. I haven’t seen a single menu refer to the fish as St. Pierre in over 5 years. I did [...]

The other day while at a furniture store, some idiot scraped my bumper. I’m sure it was him as there was only one white car in the parking lot. What makes this remarkable is that this white Honda Pilot was parked on my passenger side. This person managed to arc all the way around while [...]

In trying to sell some old stuff on Craigslist, I’ve gotten some interesting responses. Recently while trying to sell some house music records I got this one: What do you mean by house records? I’m looking for records for a game room I have in my house. We are looking for records like boston, journey, [...]

Every few years, usually around the time I move, I go through my possessions and sell, donate, or throw out things I don’t need. Over the years, I’ve gotten better and better at not collecting/buying things I don’t need. It’s not easy but I try to ask myself if I really need something before buying [...]

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