Random Musings

Recently I’ve been getting health checkups and establishing relationships with a bunch of new doctors. During the process, I’ve realized the way people choose doctors doesn’t make much sense at all. Most people get a recommendation from a friend or relative for a primary care physician or a specialist. Once they like that doctor, they [...]

An advertisement on the Craiglist.org Web site led to an armed robbery in a Walnut Creek Target store parking lot Sunday night, Lt. Mark Covington of the Walnut Creek Police Department reported. read more | digg story Looks like this is the second time recently something has gone wrong with a Craigslist transaction. This is exactly why [...]

I recently made a purchase from a small e-commerce site and I’m quite let down. In this particular incident, I placed an order on 6/25 and was charged for the purchase on 6/26. The product has still not been received despite the sites expected delivery of 6-10 days. 2 emails , 3 calls (messages left), [...]

I’ve been thinking about this concept for some time but finally wanted to write it to down to try and solidify my ideas on the topic. Perhaps my logic is flawed but I guess the point of writing this down is to figure that out. When thinking about computing in general, I’ve noticed the lack [...]

Shortly after moving in, we noticed a hummingbird coming to check out our herb garden. Since we didn’t have any flowers for him, we decided to get him a feeder. He didn’t return for a month and I was loosing faith that he would come back. However yesterday, he stopped by to enjoy some of [...]

Wired News: Tales From Packaging Hell I was wondering when someone would finally write about this annoyance. From the article, “the hardest part of buying electronics these days is opening the products when you get them home.”

Yesterday morning, my good friend Ray and I helped judge a science fair at Toyon Elementary School in San Jose. It was a lot of fun talking to the children. We primarily judged the projects for children in K, 2nd, and 5th grades. It was encouraging to see how nice and respectful all the children [...]

It was really great to see all my old coworkers who were able to make it to Ferry Plaza on Sunday. Catherine, Jonathan, Ray, Momo, Ben, Amnon, Naomi, and I were able to make it. Since I organized things, sorry to anyone I missed (I don’t have everyone’s email address). Thanks to Jonathan for treating [...]

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