Random Musings

There is one simple reason you should register your own domain name – a portable email address. I’ve used various email providers in the past but I’ve had the same email since 1999: I haven’t had to update accounts with an ever changing email address and I never have to send out mass emails to [...]

I just received two shipping notifications from Amazon for orders placed over the weekend. However, it seems the item being shipped was omitted from both emails. It seems they have a bug with their systems. Here is one email with my personal information obfuscated. Greetings from Amazon.com. We thought you’d like to know that we [...]

After years of business and personal travel, I’ve gone through my fair share of luggage. I’ve coveted the expensive designer luggage from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. I’ve purchased cheap stuff from no name brands. I’ve owned lightweight “hiking-like” pieces. And, I’ve built a collection of high quality luggage from Briggs & Riley (which is [...]

On Wednesday evening, I experienced my first “real” hail storm. My car sustained $4500 in auto damage in less than 10 minutes of bad weather. Luckily I didn’t have any glass damage as the subsequent water damage often totals a car. Hopefully this wasn’t our official welcome to Texas. I just got off the phone [...]

I’m not a collector of celebrity signatures but I recently acquired my first. It seems Ray Romano’s brother, Richard (the one whom the character of Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond is based), is a customer at a store my family owns. I’ve been told he is an extremely nice person and made a gracious offer [...]

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