I’m all for advancements in science and technology but this just sounds like a very bad idea. I’m sure margarine and hydrogenated oils sounded like a great idea when Wilhelm Normann developed the process in the first part of the 20th century. We’re only now learning of the health implications. How long (and how much [...]

As I just posted, I’m really busy working on a new start-up so I’ll keep my comments brief. The French Laundry received the only 3 star rating from Michelin in it’s inaugural SF guide, compared to 4 restaurants in New York. Having dinned at The French Laundry 3 times, I think the stars are well [...]

This is a bit of old news (a couple of weeks old) but I finally read the full transcription of what Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) had to say on the topic. My first instinct is to laugh, but it’s truly scary that people with so little understanding of technology are deciding our future. There’s one [...]

Since I wasn’t sure if I’d be in town for the election, I opted for an absentee ballot for this June’s California Primary. While making my decisions, I was quite underwhelmed by the lack of aggregated information about the candidates. I found these two site with some info (and some links to candidate’s websites, etc): [...]

I just watching Nova, Dimming the Sun while having my breakfast. The program is about global dimming which is: …a term describing the gradual reduction in the amount of global hemispherical irradiance (or total solar irradiance) at the Earth’s surface since the 1950s. – from Wikipedia I found the program really eye opening and disturbing. [...]

<sarcasm> I just wanted to thank the Superior Court of California for summoning me for jury duty on my birthday in May.</sarcasm> I fully believe the jury system is an important part of our society but, like many government things, the implementation is really terrible. I could go on a rant for a while about [...]

It seems that quite a few commercials have the disclaimer, “Results not typical.” While I’m not a fan of big government and over-regulation, it seems that something ought to be done about deceptive advertising. Isn’t it time we force advertisers to only advertise the typical results? Perhaps the FTC needs to tighten their control over [...]

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