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Mario Batali’s Babbo received just one star in Michelin’s recently released guide for New York. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of dining at any of his restaurants but this rating seems really harsh. Even if you are really knowledgeable about food, you can’t help but be amazed at Batali’s knowledge about Italian cuisine. After [...]

Having lived in the Bay Area for over five years, I can’t believe I never got around to going here until now. We had a 5PM reservation on Saturday. The server was really helpful and spent a significant time going over the entire menu with us. We started with a pumpkin soup with shrimp cake. [...]

I want to throw some support to my favorite pastry shop/chef in the Bay Area – Fleur de Cocoa. I challenge anyone to find better pasty in a hundred mile radius. If you find some, please tell me. You must eat/try: Milles-Feuilles, Chocolate and Coffee Eclairs, Opera, Marion, Royal, and Satin. My favorites are the [...]

I’ve eaten here a number of times over the past two years or so and have been fortunate enough to have sampled Chef David Kinch’s cuisine. On most occasions, I’ve had his tasting menu. I have some great pictures of one of my latest tasting experiences that I hope to post soon. For this review, [...]

Many people make claims that they know a place for the best barbeque. They believe that the spot they go to has juicier brisket, more tender ribs, better sauce, or has better flavor. Sorry to say, but if you haven’t been to Bo’s, you haven’t had the best in the Bay Area. This was our [...]

I just pulled a beautiful espresso with the last of my good beans. Mmm…crema… On a whim, I bought some cheap beans thinking they would be acceptable. Needless to say, they were not. I hate to waste so I’ll be drinking terrible espresso for a while. Blah… —Plug for my favorite supplier— Intelligentsia Coffee (They [...]

We decided to try this restaurant at the recommendation of Chef Kinch from Manresa, one of our favorite chefs. With the recommendation of a great chef, our expectations were extremely high. A 5:30 reservation on Sunday began our near religious culinary experience. When we arrived a few minutes early, we were offered a drink in [...]

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