Food and Wine

Lately I’ve been really enjoying Andrea (Immer) Robinson’s Simply Wine program on Fine Living. I absolutely love that she introduces varietals that I’ve been reluctant to try or haven’t even heard of. Of course, one has to take what she says on the TV program with a grain of salt since she almost always says [...]

The thyme and chives are looking great. I’m quite sure they will yield a nice supply of my two favorite herbs. Unfortunately the cold weather has taken its toll on the mini-basil. It’s still hanging in there, but I probably lost 75% of it since I planted it. No sign of life from the alpine [...]

It seems like yesterday that I was jogging to the Ferry Building as the middle point of my 3 mile evening jog. Back then, the building was completely run down and there was really no visible life in and around the area at night. I can’t believe the transformation the ferry building has undergone. Today [...]

We picked up these scones from Costco and they are delicious. I’ve really been enjoying a couple in the morning with my latte. They are made with all organic ingredients and have just the right amount of blueberries. The texture is a bit smoother and moister than a traditional scone but they are really tasty. [...]

I finally got around to setting up some window box planters on our porch. The two 24″ boxes are each divided in half for the following herbs: French thyme, chives, dwarf basil, and one reserved section. In terms of use, I think flat leaf parsley makes the most sense for the reserved section. However, it [...]

At the recommendation of Chef Kinch from Manresa, we finally got around to checking out Incanto. We were greeted by a very nice hostess who immediately had the owner, Mark Pastore walk us to our table. It’s very nice to see the proprietor engaged in his business. Our meal commenced with two wonderful amuses from [...]

Following the sound advice I received from Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey, I was washing some crystal the morning after enjoying a nice bottle of wine (2002 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Folatieres from Vincent Girardin). When Bobby told us (at a wonderful meal at the French Laundry), I thought there was some magical reason to clean [...]

We decided to check out Consuelo Mexican Bistro & El Jardin on Santana Row last night. In general, I think the food on Santana Row is good, but a little pricy for what you get. With that in mind, I was quite pleased with our meal. We started with a wonderful sangria which was made [...]

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