Food and Wine

I’m all for advancements in science and technology but this just sounds like a very bad idea. I’m sure margarine and hydrogenated oils sounded like a great idea when Wilhelm Normann developed the process in the first part of the 20th century. We’re only now learning of the health implications. How long (and how much [...]

As I just posted, I’m really busy working on a new start-up so I’ll keep my comments brief. The French Laundry received the only 3 star rating from Michelin in it’s inaugural SF guide, compared to 4 restaurants in New York. Having dinned at The French Laundry 3 times, I think the stars are well [...] – Chicago saying au revoir to foie gras – Aug 14, 2006 Tomorrow marks the ban on foie gras in Chicago. I’m sure animal rights activists will be celebrating but I’m adding this to the list of reasons NOT to visit Chicago. I love foie gras but that is not the reason this legislation [...]

This past weekend, some good friends got married at a wonderful ceremony in Palo Alto followed by a fun reception at the Fairmont, San Jose. Since my fiancée was in the wedding party, she had to start the day much earlier than I. Another friend also had his girlfriend in the wedding party so we [...]

On Saturday Jenn planned a wonderful belated birthday celebration for me. She had to wait a couple months for the event but she knew this was the perfect gift. After an hour drive from San Jose, we arrived at Live Earth Farm ( in Watsonville. So began a wonderful evening dining under the stars in [...]

I just received a couple of emails from K&L Wine Merchants with some 2005 Pre-Arrival prices. We wanted to let you know that the 2005 Latour, Pauillac Pre-Arrival from your waiting list is in stock, available at $729 per bottle. Currently, we have a limit of 12 per customer within our inventory database. Please note [...]

…no really. I am. Sometimes I love to cook with wine and when I do, I really use it. If I cook coq au vin, beef bourguignon, and even some pears in red wine in a week, I might need 3 or more bottles of wine. A couple of years ago, I found a crisp [...]

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