What’s inside the Ring Pro Power Kit v2?

I recently installed a Ring Pro and disabled my doorbell in our house. We normally have a phone or tablet nearby and don’t need the chime waking up a sleeping child. The instructions from Ring claim I needed a special Pro Power Kit v2 so I called support and they shipped one out quickly. This device is a dual purpose device, and is used for both doorbell bypass as well as for normal hookup where there are some power issues. Out of curiously I opened it up.

It looks to have a IXYS LCB710 solid state relay inside and a MB26S bridge rectifiers. I didn’t bother tracing the entire circuit since it’s a dual sided board and was getting hard to follow everything. It seems like for normal hookups with a doorbell chime, it might delay the chime as to not overload your power supply while the Ring is playing the external chime on the device. I haven’t tested this, so feel free to trace the circuit to figure it out for sure.

For disabling the doorbell, as in my case, I’m assuming there is some current limiting circuit to avoid burning out the Ring in case the doorbell chime setting is set incorrectly.

In any case, the Ring Pro is working well for me and can be purchased at Amazon.

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  • Bert Emde Sep 12, 2019, 8:59 am

    Hi, Good information, i hoped it was some ring wifi contact to take over the old doorbell contact. pity it is not..