How to check the temperature of food for babies and toddlers

An infrared thermometer has proven to be an indispensable tool since becoming a parent. It takes the guess work out of whether something to too hot or cold. As I pointed out in this post, it’a a great way to check the temperature of a bath for baby. Now that my son is a toddler, it’s also proven to be an amazing tool to check the temperature of food. Just a quick pushing of the thermometer button and I’m able to get the temperature instantly. Since my boy likes to play with the sensor as well, be sure to turn off the laser pointer that many of these thermometers include, since they can be dangerous to little ones’ eyes.

This Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer is a great high quality unit:


This simple model I’m using also works well: HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

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