Vintage Bang & Olufsen Penta Update

The five year anniversary of the completion of my restoration is quickly approaching. I’m happy to report that the speakers sound just as good as the day I completed the restoration back in 2011. These Bang and Olufsen Penta speakers have weathered almost 4 years of having a toddler in close proximity to them. I’m very thankful that my son understands that they are delicate and that he needs to be gentle with touching them.

However, the placement of the speakers in our new home isn’t quite ideal. I have them in a indented area of our family room. This isn’t the best acoustic position, but it has kept them out of harms way. I’ll likely reposition them when my children are a little older. Here are a few photos:

IMG_3638 IMG_3639

My son helping me rewire some TV connections:


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