Google Drive vs Dropbox – Performance, Price, and Features

As a long time Dropbox user and satisfied customer, I initially didn’t care too much that Google was launching Google Drive. However, two factors got me to download and evaluate the new service: OCR and price. Google Drive is considerably cheaper.

If you digitize your documents like I do, the idea of having all your scans searchable is quite appealing. The optical character recognition (OCR) is all done on Google’s server so no extra software needs to be installed. For example, I scan all of my medical records and blood tests. A quick search for “vitamin D” turns up all the blood test results in which I had my vitamin D level checked – a huge time saver.

That said, the performance of Dropbox is considerably better and despite being a paid Google Drive subscriber, Google’s software still feels quite beta in quality.

So, which one is better? Well they both have their strengths, so I’m using both and syncing them with Unison.

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