Kindle 2 vs. Kindle 1 size comparison WITH cover

There are tons of articles and posts about the new Kindle 2 from Rather than bore you with the same information and my opinion, here are some photos of the size difference between the two versions WITH the cover.

IMG_5331.JPG IMG_5330.JPG IMG_5329.JPG

Since many will be carrying the device with the case, this might be a more important comparison than the stand-alone device. The new case is not included with the Kindle 2. So although Amazon positions the device as being the same price, it’s really $29.99 more expensive. That said, this case is real leather and of much higher quality than the included case with the Kindle 1.

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  • ZC Mar 22, 2009, 3:14 pm

    Yes, thanks for this. You came up on top in a Google search for Kindle size comparison 1 & 2, and it’s exactly what I needed to see.

  • John De Oliveira Mar 4, 2009, 11:31 pm


    Thanks for the comparison. I’m getting ready to buy a Kindle 2 and this was an interesting way to look at old vs. new.

    P.S. I enjoyed meeting you tonight. You are really quite insightful.