No Stars for the Michelin Guide SF

As I just posted, I’m really busy working on a new start-up so I’ll keep my comments brief. The French Laundry received the only 3 star rating from Michelin in it’s inaugural SF guide, compared to 4 restaurants in New York. Having dinned at The French Laundry 3 times, I think the stars are well deserved although service can be spotty. The remainder of Michelin’s stars that were handed out seem to be a complete disaster. I’ve dinned at most of the Michelin starred restaurants in the Bay Area and I believe the ratings are way off.

I think this guide clearly demonstrates how dated Michelin is. Many restaurants that should have been rated higher were not. Restaurants that should have gotten the equivalent of their “Bib Gourmand” rating got 1 star. Come on people, we have technology and can leverage the voices of millions of dinners, not just a few clueless “professional dinners.”

In short, the Michelin guide is a stuffy antiquated dinosaur – I give it no stars.

Only French Laundry earns Michelin’s 3 stars

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