Vintage Wine Bar Santana Row

This past weekend, some good friends got married at a wonderful ceremony in Palo Alto followed by a fun reception at the Fairmont, San Jose. Since my fiancée was in the wedding party, she had to start the day much earlier than I. Another friend also had his girlfriend in the wedding party so we desperately needed to kill a few hours before our presence was required. As such, we decided to spend the time at the Vintage Wine Bar in Santana Row.

The Wine Bar is located right in the middle of Santana Row with some great outdoor seating ideal for people watching or to just get some fresh air. It, like most other things at Santana Row, is a bit overpriced but the location is really great to kick back with some friends. It’s an ideal location when other venues such as bars or lounges are just too loud. The wine flights and selections are acceptable but this is definitely not a wine geek haven. They typically pour only about 25 wines but they do rotate them out fairly frequently. If you think of this venue as a more civilized lounge or café you’ll have a great time. You might discover an interesting wine or two but wine geeks will not be impressed.

With that said, I still think it’s a great spot to spend a weekend afternoon or an early evening with friends. Check it out some time:

Vintage Wine Bar
368 Santana Row, Suite 1040
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 985-9463

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