Organic produce delivery – First shipment

Our first delivery from Capay Organic arrived this morning at our doorstep at 11AM. There were a few changes from the original list, which works out better in my opinion.

The shipment:

capay_1st_shipment 003_400x266.jpg

Strawberries (from Watsonville of course) look quite good considering the rain we have had this season:

capay_1st_shipment 005_400x266.jpg capay_1st_shipment 006_400x266.jpg

Broccoli Rabe looked good – a few wilted leaves, but good:

capay_1st_shipment 008_400x266.jpg

Small zucchini – looked wonderful:

capay_1st_shipment 010_400x266.jpg

Avocados – perfect:

capay_1st_shipment 011_400x266.jpg

Carrots – tops looked nice but a few too many broken carrot bottoms for my liking:

capay_1st_shipment 013_400x266.jpg capay_1st_shipment 014_400x266.jpg

Cameo Apples – perfect and delicious, no nasty wax on these:

capay_1st_shipment 015_400x266.jpg

Fava beans – overall good, but a few were bruised a little:

capay_1st_shipment 018_400x266.jpg capay_1st_shipment 021_400x266.jpg

Lettuce – absolutely beautiful but with a couple of little stowaways (it’s OK, it’s organic after all):

capay_1st_shipment 023_400x266.jpg capay_1st_shipment 024_400x266.jpg

Spinach – excellent quality:

capay_1st_shipment 026_400x266.jpg

Beets – brilliant:

capay_1st_shipment 028_400x266.jpg

So far our first shipment was a success. I would give them 4 out of 5 stars. If my carrots were in better shape I probably would give them 5 stars. Cooking will be lots of fun for the next couple of days, especially with the fava beans. They really are a special treat.

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