la la update (used CD trading site)


I recently posted about a used CD trading site la la. It’s been a about 11 days since I joined and I’ve sent 9 CDs and received 5. Overall, the website flow works really well. However, 3 of the 5 CDs I received were badly scratched. I can get them to play on my Bang and Olufsen stereo but they will not play on anything else. In fact, the D-Fuse CD I received looks like it was used as a drink coaster. I felt bad reporting them as damaged so I asked la la if I could report the condition as fair. Here is their reply:


Thanks for letting us know. We recommend that you change the status of the CDs to “broken”, and you will not be charged for them but instead you will receive another copy of the CDs once another members agrees to ship them. We want to prevent scratched CDs from being traded out to members.

Support @ la la

Additionally, one of the CDs received was not sent in the protective CD case, so I needed to contact them for another (since I can’t send another without it). The reply we quick and simple:


We’ve put in an order to ship you 5 envelopes and 5 CD Cases.

Thanks for trading!
Support @ la la

So it seems as though they really want their members to send high quality CDs which is a good thing. With their new member to member messaging service, I wonder if the other members will get annoyed at rejected CDs and start voicing their concerns. So far I think la la has handled things well. Let’s hope this was a bit of bad luck and the next batch of CDs are in good condition.

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