Nouveau Flamenco – two takes

First Take

On Sunday, we went to see Ottmar Libert ( at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City.

An Evening of Ottmar Liebert: Solo Guitar and Conversation
7:30 PM, Sunday, April 23, 2006
Fox Theatre, Redwood City

Twice named New Age Artist of the Year by Billboard magazine, Ottmar Liebert is both a captivating guitarist and sparkling storyteller. Join the Grammy-nominated, flamenco-based musician for an unforgettable night.

This was a really interesting experience since he played solo without any backup music or musicians whatsoever. His performance was incredible. There were times that I could close my eyes and I could swear there were two guitars playing. I’m currently out of practice but even at my peak I couldn’t fathom playing some of this stuff. His interesting blend of Flamenco, New Age, and Jazz is very unique. The sounds from his guitar are hauntingly emotional. However trite this may sound, he really is one with his guitar. Overall it was a great experience and I’d like to see him live with a full band next time.

Second Take

Last night we went to see Benise, Nights of Fire! ( in San Jose.

An unprecedented and spectacular journey of music and dance.
Roni Benise takes us on a romantic and exotic voyage through the wild and beautiful sounds of his Spanish guitar.

From Spanish Flamenco to Cuban Salsa to Brazilian Samba, the traditions and rules of music and dance are shattered. The show that celebrates

A Nouveau Flamenco experience that was entirely different than Ottmar Libert. It was a huge theatrical production with a large band and a couple of dance troupes. From a purist musical perspective, it’s not that great. His guitar playing is good but not really that difficult technically. Again, my guitar playing is out of practice but his stuff doesn’t wow. I can play most of this stuff with a little practice. With music (and well as food) I love to experience things that are out of my ability to produce. His brand of Flamenco is definitely more rock influenced with him often digressing into blue’s scale riffs. However, the show is extremely entertaining. As long as you think of this as a show and not just music, you’ll have a great time. It was tons of fun.

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  • E. Goh May 1, 2006, 9:59 am

    Hey Angela…

    Have you tried posting to his blog?

    He seems really approachable. Perhaps he may add a tour stop closer to you if he knows there are fans up north?

    Just a thought 🙂

  • Angela May 1, 2006, 7:48 am

    I’m envious of all of you that have seen Ottmar Liebert in live concert. I’m hopping to see him performing live here in Ontario, Canada. I wont mind driving far distance to get to his concert. He rocks!

  • E. Goh Apr 28, 2006, 4:18 pm

    Very cool! It looks like Ottmar Liebert found my post. You can read his blog here.

    Hopefully Roni Benise doesn’t stumble on upon it. 🙂