‘World’s best restaurant’ named

London based Restaurant magazine has named the world’s top 50 restaurants for 2006. El Bulli tops the list, which I think is absolutely deserved. French Laundry at #4 looks to be in the correct ballpark (as is Per Se). While I agree with some of the restaurants included, I really wonder how they came up with the list.

Some of the entries I completely disagree with such as Chez Panisse at #20. This ranks Chez Panisse ahead of Troisgros at #24. Someone is smoking something to put Chez Panisse at #20. I applaud Alice Waters for introducing her simple California cuisine many years ago but her food really is not that good. Fresh simple cuisine (which is what they are supposed to do) can be had elsewhere much better. In short, I think her cuisine is dated. Since the advent of this simple California cuisine, many have moved past this and now produce mind blowing cuisine with only the freshest ingredients which still embodies the clean simple philosophy of California cuisine.

Sadly, one of my favorites, Manresa dropped off the list. I think his food has gotten even better so I’m not sure how all these other places bumped him off the list.

CNN.com – ‘World’s best restaurant’ named – Apr 11, 2006

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