Consuelo Mexican Bistro & El Jardin

We decided to check out Consuelo Mexican Bistro & El Jardin on Santana Row last night. In general, I think the food on Santana Row is good, but a little pricy for what you get. With that in mind, I was quite pleased with our meal.

We started with a wonderful sangria which was made with wine, orange juice, lemon juice, fruit, and some “secret ingredient.” I’d really love the recipe as I think it topped my prior favorite sangria from Chez Nous in SF. Very nice, not too sweet or sour…just right in fact. I will definitely look forward to enjoying it again on a nice hot day. Their tequila list looked quite impressive although we didn’t try any on this occasion.

We started with the Sopes Surtidos. Sopes are little corn meal cakes that are fried and topped with various meats or vegetables. All were delicious and boldly spiced – not too hot but really full of flavor. For main dishes, we had a great Filet that was topped with a chile stuffed with goat cheese. The beef was cooked to a perfect medium-rare as requested and was plated with a great ancho chile sauce that I really enjoyed. The spiciness of the sauce was nicely tempered by the creamy goat cheese. We also had the Pollo Rellena Huiltachoche, a stuffed chicken breast that was just delicious – perfectly cooked, nicely plated with some vegetables and perfectly sauced. To compliment the mains, we ordered some Arroz Plantanos. A simple but nice side dish.

Our server, Magda, was excellent. She was helpful, friendly, and really did a great job steering us to the right menu choices. At $60 for two people, it’s a little pricy but I’ll definitely be returning.

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