Clutter is bad

Every few years, usually around the time I move, I go through my possessions and sell, donate, or throw out things I don’t need. Over the years, I’ve gotten better and better at not collecting/buying things I don’t need. It’s not easy but I try to ask myself if I really need something before buying it.

When I travel with my basics (clothes, mobile phone, laptop), I rarely miss many of my material possessions (except my kitchen). What does that say about them? Do I really need them? I think all this clutter may be bad for my psyche.

This year, I’ll be heading down to Martin Luther King Library in San Jose to donate a lot of books that I haven’t touched in years. If I need them again, I can always find an even more current version in the library. I’m also going to get rid of all my DVD’s since I can’t remember watching a movie more than once in over 10 years.

With any luck, as the clutter is further reduced, I’ll be able to bring a little bit of that minimalist spa/resort tranquility to my place.

Do you have unneeded stuff too? Find a good cause to donate your stuff to. You’ll be better off without it and many organizations would really benefit from it as well.

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