The obligatory spam rant

We’ve recently been dealing with some issues with spam filters erroneously catching activation emails from Hungry Critic. While I was dealing with the issues, I initially got irritated with the spammers. Then I thought about it, and it’s really the fault of the users.

Spammers obviously continue this behavior since it works. So these emails for “enlargement” medication, “Viagra”, “Cialis”, and “Meet Hot H**rny Singles Now” actually work.

It is really a sad realization that people can be this stupid. If you’ve got a medical problem “down there,” please, go to a doctor. It will be cheaper and safer in the long run. I’m sure the doctor has dealt with this type of issue many times. In regard to embarrassment – would you rather tell your doctor (who is bound by confidentiality) about a problem or explain fraudulent charges from < insert inappropriate company name here > to your credit card company? What is going on in people’s minds?

I don’t know – maybe we are fighting a loosing battle by going after the spammers. My spam folder’s volume seems to be on the rise daily. Additionally, more and more spam emails get through the filters. Instead, maybe it’s time to educate people not to click on spam or buy from email spam.

Come on people! Remember the saying, “If it looks to good to be true…”?

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