The best shower

I recently purchased the Aquasana Shower Filter (costs around $60) and wanted to plug the product. A couple of months ago, our water was off due to some building maintenance and I had to resort to washing my face and hair with purified water. I was amazed at how great my skin and hair felt – much softer than normal. It seems that the chlorine/chloramine in our water is very drying. This led to me giving the Aquasana filter a try (to try and replicate the results) and I’m very happy with it. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks so I can’t attest to the longevity of the filter (the manual says about 6 months) but I have to give this product a thumbs up. You’ll be amazed at how different the water “feels” and how your soap and shampoo feels different too.

I had a salt water (fish) reef tank in the past so I have some experience with water filtration equipment. I learned that removing impurities (chlorine, chloramine, etc.) from water is no easy task, especially for a high velocity situation like a shower. With that in mind, I assume that the purification with this device is incomplete; however it seems to work well enough for the application. The water here is the Bay Area is actually quite good with average TDS (total dissolved solids) readings around 30-45 PPM. Unfortunately, our water supply was changed from chlorine to chloramine about a year and a half ago. Those familiar with water purification know that chloramine is harder to remove than chlorine. I also hate the smell of chloramine but the filter seems to reduce the levels enough so I can’t smell it – a great improvement.

A word of caution: If you do install one, follow the directions. If you don’t flush the filter when you first set it up without the actual showerhead on, you might end up with a showerhead plugged up with carbon bits.

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