Results not typical

It seems that quite a few commercials have the disclaimer, “Results not typical.” While I’m not a fan of big government and over-regulation, it seems that something ought to be done about deceptive advertising. Isn’t it time we force advertisers to only advertise the typical results? Perhaps the FTC needs to tighten their control over advertisers.

While I’m on the subject, I talk to at least a couple of people a month that think the latest advertisements for medical/diet/impotence remedies that are not regulated by the FDA (they are neither prescription nor non-prescription drugs) are in fact FDA approved drugs (that are somehow available without a prescription). I’m not saying that alternative remedies don’t work (I use homeopathy and herbs on occasion myself) but many of the claims in these advertisements are confusing and deceptive. The biggest confusion theses days seems to be that these commercials are made to look like the commercials from big pharma. I would like to see some sort of color coding on all drugs, herbs, etc. A specific color for prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, unregulated remedies (herbs, homeopathy, etc.), and so on.

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