Thoughts of fresh air

I flew from SFO to JFK on Song – Delta’s answer to JetBlue. Overall the planes are pretty good. They seem better than AA and Delta’s normal economy seating. Each seat is equipped with a 16:9 ratio touch screen which is quite nice. The monitor gives you options to watch 24 channels of Dish Network TV or listen to about 1600 songs. It also allows for you to purchase movies, games, food, and merchandise. The satellite connection seems to go down a lot more than JetBlue’s. Perhaps it was just this plane or conditions but I got an unavailable message more times than I can remember. The system is very cool, but the UI design and navigation is poor. Each time you select the music or food menu for instance, they force you to re-watch a fairly long intro splash screen. This is pretty annoying because the screens serve little informational purpose. I’m composing this on my BlackBerry somewhere over Lake Erie so the flight is not over. However, I probably would fly Song again (for as long as they stay in business).

I must comment of the disgusting nature of people. The British woman next to me has been taking out and putting in her dentures all throughout the flight. OK…fairly nasty but maybe she has some bad genetics so I’ll be nice and pretend not to notice. But, her frequency and intensity of flatulence is really unacceptable. I’m blasting my face with the air vent but it’s not helping. Again I’ll be nice and pretend not to notice. Now the final straw…

She just pulled out some over-ripe gooey cheese and crackers. At first I thought she soiled herself, but it was “just” the cheese. Now I love runny stinky cheese but this is neither the time nor the place. I’m sure the stink could be detected from 4 or 5 rows away. Nasty…just nasty.

The thought of fresh air never seemed so appealing.

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