AIM IM Robots

I generally use GAIM so I don’t have to deal with advertising on my IM client. However, when I logged into AIM last night, the system installed Moviefone and ShoppingBuddy to my friends list. I wouldn’t mind so much if these “assistants” actually made things better/faster, but they don’t. They simply present you with menus to which you IM numbered responses. It’s much more efficient to just go to their website. I deleted them promptly last night. To make matters worse, I got this message this morning:

(08:23:31) AOL System Msg: The group, aim bots, has been deleted from your buddy list. This group contained bots, screen names that provide automated responses. To find out more about bots, go to

It is no wonder AOL’s business has been on the decline. When will they start realizing that people are annoyed by this type of business practice?

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