High end computer store

As my good friend Ben recently experienced, service at computer/electronic stores gets worse and worse. In most urban markets, when looking at other industries, there exists a range of quality and price. In regard to clothes for example, one can shop at the Giorgio Armani boutique (high end), Macy’s (mid-end), or TJ Max (low-end). All of these businesses do well in their respective markets. This leads me to wonder if a high end computer store would be a viable business.

Imagine a store that only carries the highest quality equipment at say a 15 – 20 percent premium, but they offer the best service. No waiting to be helped. No 10-15 day waits for a computer to be “fixed.” Think of a boutique level of service – espresso or glass of wine while you wait, etc.

I’m very price sensitive in regard to my technology. I buy a lot of it, so I need the price to be good. I also can handle any problem myself so I wouldn’t be shopping there. However, if such a place existed, I would be referring many of my friends there.

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