Yahoo! Music Unlimited

I signed up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited for $59.88 per year. I figured I waste that much money on bad CD’s every year so at the very least, the service will allow me to fully listen to albums before I buy them. After a few months using it, here are my thoughts:

  • Sounds quality – acceptable but the sound level varies greatly between songs. I’ve heard a few that clip because they were ripped at such high levels, while a large percentage are recorded at well below optimal levels.
  • DRM – blah! Surely a necessary evil for such a service but I can only listen to these songs on players/devices that support WMA DRM music. Obviously I can’t use my iPods to listen to any of this music since Apple doesn’t support MS’s format (nor MS supports Appple’s).
  • Software – terrible. Yahoo!’s app is painfully slow. I understand this is a beta product but man – this thing sucks. I only use their client to download the songs, then I use Windows Media Player to play the content.
  • Selection – average. Not as good as iTunes but not 99 cents a song either.

Overall it’s been nice to discover new music without having to spend a fortune buying CD’s or listening to poor quality short samples. At this point, the service is what it is – a discount music service.

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