Goodbye Treo – Hello Blackberry

I’ve been using a Treo 650 for a few months and really liked the device at first. As my dependency on real time email has increased, my happiness with the device has decreased. The device does everything OK, but does nothing great. So I’m thinking of returning to a Blackberry (my last one was years ago – RIM 850/950). Unfortunately, I’ll be loosing the camera function. I don’t use the camera on the Treo much but, if I ever have a car accident or something, I know I will miss having that security. I’ll have to look into leaving a disposable camera in my trunk. I bet the heat will reap havoc on the film, but I hope it will still get an exposure – good enough for insurance, etc.

I’m going to have to go with T-mobile as Cingular’s data plans are way overpriced. I’m thinking of giving the 7105t a try. The form factor looks great but I hope I can get used to the predictive text stuff. Too bad the 8700 is a Cingular exclusive ‘till next year sometime.

On a similar note, people really love talking about mobile phones I guess. Howard Forums has some incredible traffic. When I check, there is usually over 4000-5000 people online. What a great business/side-business Howard Chui has.

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