Awesome album

D:Fuse’s new album, People 3 is awesome! This album was recorded live in SF with D:Fuse at the decks AND playing electronic congas, bongos, tablas, and timbales. It also includes Mike Hiratzka on guitar, bass, and keyboards and Austin’s MC Flint on vocals. I had tickets for this event but got busy and didn’t make it.

I thought of doing a project like this back in 1998 with my roommate from college who is a great bass player. As I thought, supplementing electronic bass and percussion with live bass and drums adds an organic element to the music that really makes it groove. I’m really impressed with what D:Fuse did.

My only criticism is that I really don’t like MC Flint’s vocals – too nasal or something. Anyway, D:Fuse is one of the only artists I support by buying their CD’s (for everything else I use Yahoo! Music Unlimited). In fact, the sole reason I subscribe to XM Radio is because of his sets on XM80.

Go Austin!

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