The single most useful gift I purchased for my wife was a new iPad. A new mom will be tied up with breast feeding a baby, pumping, and a ton of other things that will restrict her arms and movement. Since the birth of our son, my wife’s internet usage is almost exclusively done through [...]

There is one simple reason you should register your own domain name – a portable email address. I’ve used various email providers in the past but I’ve had the same email since 1999: I haven’t had to update accounts with an ever changing email address and I never have to send out mass emails to [...]

As a long time Dropbox user and satisfied customer, I initially didn’t care too much that Google was launching Google Drive. However, two factors got me to download and evaluate the new service: OCR and price. Google Drive is considerably cheaper. If you digitize your documents like I do, the idea of having all your [...]

This is the fifth part of the Bang & Olufsen Beolab Penta restoration. For the original post, see: Vintage Bang & Olufsen Penta Restoration “Project Twins” – Part 1 This post will focus of the process of cosmetic restoration. All of the metal was damaged and needed to be replaced. Although B&O still has these [...]

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