The biggest name in men’s diaper bags is certainly Diaper Dude. Their Messenger I was one of the first-to-market diaper bags for dads. My first bag was the Messenger I in grey with orange zippers. It’s a very nice bag that I use for quick trips. It has a nice form factor and plenty of [...]

Nothing can prepare a new parent for the intensity and duration of cries from their newborn. I’ve heard countless babies cry in public and on planes, but once it’s your baby, it’s a different story. When my son was intensely crying, I could feel my heart rate rise and I’d start sweating. You just want [...]

The single most useful gift I purchased for my wife was a new iPad. A new mom will be tied up with breast feeding a baby, pumping, and a ton of other things that will restrict her arms and movement. Since the birth of our son, my wife’s internet usage is almost exclusively done through [...]

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