Some good friends invited me to join them to the “Taste of Lexus” event held this past weekend in Alameda. I didn’t know quite what to expect but the event was really well organized and enjoyable. Lexus didn’t over pitch their product but rather allowed you to see their new technology and test their cars. [...]

Lately I’ve been getting a barrage of spam from various political groups trying to get a proposition passed/rejected for California’s November special election. I’ve even gotten those damn recorded voice messages on my cellphone! Now I understand the point but quite honestly this is the type of behavior that alienates voters. Many of the emails [...]

Sadly, Comcast cable keeps messing with my channel lineup. As a result, I no longer receive one of my favorite programs, Journal de France (the news in French). It’s really great to get different perspectives on the news from around the world. It’s also a great way for me to keep up with my French. [...]

I want to throw some support to my favorite pastry shop/chef in the Bay Area – Fleur de Cocoa. I challenge anyone to find better pasty in a hundred mile radius. If you find some, please tell me. You must eat/try: Milles-Feuilles, Chocolate and Coffee Eclairs, Opera, Marion, Royal, and Satin. My favorites are the [...]

After years of searching, I’ve finally found a great basic T-shirt. Over the years, I’ve typically found two types of T-shirts – baggy/frumpy ones or ones that fit so tight they are like a sausage skin. Neither are options I’m willing to accept. Dolce and Gabbana made some of my favorite T’s in the mid [...]

Designer sunglasses look nice, no arguments there. However, why do designers insist on using low quality lenses. I had a pair of Gucci sunglasses that were no better than a pair of children’s Mickey Mouse sunglasses. Am I on drugs? Did I get punched in the head by a boxer? No, that’s right, I’m just [...]

I signed up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited for $59.88 per year. I figured I waste that much money on bad CD’s every year so at the very least, the service will allow me to fully listen to albums before I buy them. After a few months using it, here are my thoughts: Sounds quality – [...]

D:Fuse’s new album, People 3 is awesome! This album was recorded live in SF with D:Fuse at the decks AND playing electronic congas, bongos, tablas, and timbales. It also includes Mike Hiratzka on guitar, bass, and keyboards and Austin’s MC Flint on vocals. I had tickets for this event but got busy and didn’t make [...]

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