Toddler Recommendations

I think it’s wonderful for children to see their mark on a home as they grow. I like to leave memories throughout the house that my children can find. When I was decking my attic to add storage space, I had my toddler paint the boards I used before I brought them up into the [...]

My kid absolutely loves to play in the water. His shoes are always getting wet. If there is a puddle, he’s going to jump in it. I also have to wash his shoes quite frequently from excessive mud, paint, and other fun toddler spills. Even in the heat of summer, it takes too long for [...]

My son loves to play in dirt, mud, sand, and anything messy. I’ve had surprisingly good luck washing his shoes in the washing machine. This has worked for both shoes explicitly marked washable and also those that were not. However, most of the time he just has some dirt on the soles on the shoes [...]

I still love the messenger style bags for new parents, but I’ve now switched to a backpack style diaper bag. When your children are smaller, you’re often doing diaper changes in public bathroom changing stations. The messenger style bag is great to get things in and out of the bag while you’re still wearing it. [...]