I’ve placed 5 orders at in the past week and noticed some strange things. The “Next” or “Submit Order” buttons on some of the screens during the order process are missing. At first I thought it was a browser thing, but after placing orders on two different computers (at different locations) with both IE [...]

Having used Google Desktop and Konfabulator for some time, it occurred to me that Outlook is missing some key features. First, Outlook should allow you to pin the calendar to your view. If I want to check the calendar, I need to click “Calendar”, and then click back to “Inbox”, my default view. It would [...]

I generally use GAIM so I don’t have to deal with advertising on my IM client. However, when I logged into AIM last night, the system installed Moviefone and ShoppingBuddy to my friends list. I wouldn’t mind so much if these “assistants” actually made things better/faster, but they don’t. They simply present you with menus [...]

I spend the day trying to get some of Hungry Critic’s reviews into Google Base. It wasn’t the most fun. I would consider this more of an alpha than a beta quality product. Some strange things – instead of limited documentation, there is too much inconsistent documentation. The help section has a ton of examples [...]

With the increase in VoIP usage (Skype, Google Talk, etc.), more and more people need a headset for their computer. I didn’t want to buy a dedicated headset for my computer since I have a ton of cell phone headsets lying around. I searched all over to buy an adapter but couldn’t find one. As [...]

I finally made the switch back to a BlackBerry (7290). It was a tough decision to buy now, as the 8700 is coming out pretty soon and looks really nice. However, the price was right – free. Overall I’m pretty happy with the customer service I’ve received from T-Mobile although I’ve only spoken with them [...]

As my good friend Ben recently experienced, service at computer/electronic stores gets worse and worse. In most urban markets, when looking at other industries, there exists a range of quality and price. In regard to clothes for example, one can shop at the Giorgio Armani boutique (high end), Macy’s (mid-end), or TJ Max (low-end). All [...]

I signed up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited for $59.88 per year. I figured I waste that much money on bad CD’s every year so at the very least, the service will allow me to fully listen to albums before I buy them. After a few months using it, here are my thoughts: Sounds quality – [...]

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