The single most useful gift I purchased for my wife was a new iPad. A new mom will be tied up with breast feeding a baby, pumping, and a ton of other things that will restrict her arms and movement. Since the birth of our son, my wife’s internet usage is almost exclusively done through [...]

There is one simple reason you should register your own domain name – a portable email address. I’ve used various email providers in the past but I’ve had the same email since 1999: I haven’t had to update accounts with an ever changing email address and I never have to send out mass emails to [...]

As a long time Dropbox user and satisfied customer, I initially didn’t care too much that Google was launching Google Drive. However, two factors got me to download and evaluate the new service: OCR and price. Google Drive is considerably cheaper. If you digitize your documents like I do, the idea of having all your [...]

Where you purchase your Apple products determines your level of service. Yes, it might be the same iMac, iPod, iPad, or MacBook Air made in the same factory, but dependent upon where you purchased the device, you’ll get different care. Having personally purchased Apple products from MacMall, MacConnection, Amazon, and direct through Apple, I always [...]

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