My new convertible Chromebook has increased my productivity

As an early adopter, I’ve had a Chromebook from when they were first introduced. I’ve recommended them to many friends. I think they are a great, secure, way to browse and use web applications. However, I didn’t really use it that much as I found myself at my desktop for serious development, my MacBook Air for mobile development, or my iPad for media consumption.

I recently purchased a ASUS convertible Chromebook and I’m amazed at how much it has increased my productivity. I’m now using it more than my iPad and MacBook Air combined. Since becoming a father, I’ve realized new challenges in multitasking. It just isn’t practical to have my MacBook with me while supervising my son working on an arts and crafts project. This Chromebook is just the right size to do a little work on a project via SSH and vi. I’m able to take care of system administration duties, again using the SSH application. The device itself is inexpensive enough that I’m more comfortable using it around my son while he paints and emulates Jackson Pollock. The convertible tablet feature makes it great to read, watch, or research, but then switch to laptop mode to get a little “real” work done.


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