Best white noise machine to help newborn baby sleep

With a newborn in the house, the slightest sounds from inside or outside the house can lead to the little one waking up. There is nothing more frustrating than rocking baby to sleep for what seems like an eternity, only to have a noise startle the little one awake and you have to start the process over. A white noise generator can be a lifesaver for new parents.

If you need a portable solution, an iPhone or iPad app will do the trick. I recommended my favorite white noise app in this post. However, for a more permanent setup in your nursery, a dedicated white noise generator is much nicer. The best one I’ve found is the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine. Our baby sleeps best with the “train” and “white noise” settings. I’ve been using this model for over 18 months, even before our baby arrived.

I did, however, have a problem with the machine a couple of months ago. Not only did the company resolve the problem quickly and painlessly, but the VP of engineering even contacted me to make sure everything was resolved. Simply amazing customer service and a company I can wholeheartedly recommend.

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