3 best iPad and iPhone apps for new parents – great baby apps

When mom’s contractions start or her water breaks, your sense of time is going to get all distorted. This great Apple iPad app was fantastic to time my wife’s contractions and figure out when to go to the hospital: BabyBump Pregnancy Pro By Alt12 Apps, LLC

Once baby has arrived, you need to start tracking diapers, feedings, sleep, and a ton of important data. Baby Connect for iPad (Activity Logger) by Seacloud Software is an amazing iPad app. All the data is stored on the internet so multiple people can have access to the data. I’m able to wake up in the morning and check when my son was last fed and figure out if he needs a bottle. It’s also great for when your pediatrician asks you questions about your baby. Here is one of the great graphs it generates:

The womb is a noisy place and the real world is relatively quiet for newborns. Giving newborns a little white noise can really help them to sleep. We love this app, White Noise by TMSOFT. Our baby especially likes the hairdryer, vacuum, and white noise sounds. We even used it in the hospital and it helped to mask out any noise from nearby rooms and babies.

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