Dad’s preparation for labor and delivery – quick tips for taking care of yourself

Aside from helping the expectant mother with her bags, knowing what’s on the birth plan, and getting to the hospital or birthing center, we dads have to make sure we’re well prepared to assist as best we can.

A few general tips for dads:

Wear comfortable clothes with lots of pockets. Cargo pants aren’t that smooth looking, but they are quite utilitarian. You’ll need the extra pockets for all sorts of stuff. A pair of Dockers will do the trick or perhaps something from 5.11, which are incredibly durable and can serve double duty for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Wear comfortable shoes. Like a Texan, I wore my cowboy boots thinking they are comfy, so why not? While I had walked a lot in my boots, I had never stood in them for 10+ hours straight. My feet were so swollen and sore, it was hard to stand. My bad shoe choice:

Luckily, I also had these packed in my car so I was able to switch out once things had settled down. Do as the doctors do and wear comfortable shoes like these clogs from Merrell, available at Zappos.

Stay hydrated and pack snacks. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re helping mom and when you’re overwhelmed with emotions from meeting your child. But, you must make sure you can be supportive, and that includes not passing out from lack of food or drink. Drink plenty of water and pack healthy energy bars, like these from Larabar, available at

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