Bath and sleepwear push present ideas – Gift ideas for the new Mom

A new mom is going to be extremely short on time. Long luxurious showers and baths will be a thing of the past. One way to make her showers more pleasant and enjoyable is to buy her a great bath robe. It’s a luxe way to end her shower as well as a great time saver when she needs to run back to nurse the baby. My wife is quite petite so this Lacoste Smash Robe is the perfect cotton terry robe for a petite woman. She loves this robe, especially the fact that it has a hood to help dry her hair. Available at Macy’s and Zappos:

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 9.49.46 AM

For the taller woman, check out this Natori Shagri-la robe from Zappos in a modal blend fabric. It’s nice and soft and 49″ inches long.

Keep in mind, if you’re planning on using the robe in the hospital during labor and delivery, make sure to get a color that can be bleached. Things can and will get a little messy.

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